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Mango Nights... an exciting, fresh mix of instrumental, vocal, World Music and Jazz. 

"Mango Nights was really impressive! They play lively, vibrant music with intensity and precision. Professionals all, each musician plays off the others, feeding on their vibes and emotions. They played three full sets of some complex music without any mishaps or let downs. Thoroughly enjoyable. Michael Pearson" Hoda's Middle Eastern Event February 2014

Mango Nights at Mazza's Supper Club 

Belinda Underwood and Justin Franzino featuring special guest Bobby Torres

Saturday August 29th, 8pm to 10:30
Make reservations at 503-719-7980

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Kozanis by Mango Nights
Mango Nights with special guests percussionists Jason and Kristin Ramierz and Caton Lyles. Belly dance by Belinda Underwood. Violinist Sue Lewis, and pianist Tino Ferraro.
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Preview of Ashokan Farewell by Mango Nights - in rehearsal for Debut Album
Hi, my name is Sue Lewis, violinist and creative director of Mango Nights. We have done about a half dozen version of this famous tune from the OPB production of the Civil War by Ken Burns. One of t...
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